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Tarik Md. Morshed: We live in the 21st century. The current world population is almost 800 crores, amongst which 300 crores of people live below the poverty line. This means that the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education, are beyond their affordability. It is very thought-provoking why so many destitute people are suffering. The modern world is said to be very advanced in relation to knowledge, science, education, culture, and healthcare. The average income of people has significantly risen. Moreover, people are now traveling to neighboring planets, in hopes of making it habitat able for humans in the future. A recent and much talked about the occurrence is how North Korea has been threatening the USA, deriving strength to do so from its nuclear power base. That means nuclear power is capable of frightening an otherwise fearless nation.

Essentially, the purpose is to create fear. Currently, China, India, Pakistan, and Japan are competing to move ahead in the world’s arms race. It seems that the United States, Russia, France, Britain, and Israel are vying for this opportunity and are becoming the subject of many private discussions among heads of state for arms production, mastering technology, and purchasing advanced weapons. Why are the heads of the state giving utmost importance to these issues and spending a large portion of their resources for this purpose? Looking at the economy of India and Pakistan, it can be seen that they are falling behind in many important issues, such as the development of roads, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., billions of people are even living below the poverty line. Disregarding what should have been done about the aforementioned issues, the question to ask is, why did the heads of state and government enter this arms contest?

People have been fooled by the allure of politics. Who is it that enforces this competition? To obtain answers to these questions, a proper and frank discussion need to take in the parliament of every country. It is necessary to clarify why taxpayer’s money is being spent on the production and purchase of nuclear weapons, instead of focusing on the vital needs of innumerable people. The money in question is not the personal money of the state or the Members of Parliaments – it is the money of the people. The officials of a state take an oath to dedicate themselves to the welfare of their people. Therefore, it is unjustifiable for them to be spending a large amount of money on weaponry rather than the welfare of the state.  

Advertising is a huge influencer in making people buy products. For example, people have dealt with body odor since ancient times. One company advertised its product claiming that it would be able to get rid of the odor, and it successfully leads people to buy it. So why should the heads of state decide the purchase of nuclear weapons to be the main agenda? Who made them feel this need? Who are they? What solutions can we come up with? These issues need to be discussed in today’s world or people’s hard-earned money will be spent on buying large consignments of weapons in secret, justifying that it is to provide security for the people. In many cases, the process of purchasing weapons is from state to state or from a specific company, and a lot of confidentiality is maintained. As a result of which, if a purchase is wasted or knowingly bought at a higher price to make one’s own pocket heavier, people will not be able to know about it. The public’s money is spent without informing them. That is by no means justifiable.

The arms trade is a ploy; multinational companies target powerful people to enter a country’s market to sell their products. Similarly, for the sale of arms, political figures have long been targeted and their thought process has been shaped that way. It is basically a mental illness that is created among those in power.

The world is horrified by the news of nuclear weapon testing in global politics, and many times a favored candidate is financed to be in control of the state’s power. What a terrifying game. Who are the players in this game? They should be identified and humiliated in all cities of the world, and the media should always keep an eye on these people. The 300 crore resource-less people of the world should be loud. Even the media in countries like America, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, India, China, and Pakistan should widely ask for an answer as to why a huge portion of the state’s money is being spent on buying or producing weapons instead of meeting the essential need of citizens. If there is such accountability, the state’s money will be spent on the welfare of people and poverty would be alleviated. Food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare will transform a state into a developed country. It will take 25-30 years for a state in Europe to reach Qatar’s stature. Those who are not allowing this to work cannot be friends. The time has come to deeply think about this subject matter. Has India and Pakistan been able to eradicate poverty in the 72 years since independence? What is the cause behind this failure? Who is responsible for it? The citizens need an answer. Why were they not able to practice alternatives that are and were already present to get out of this arms race? Those who could not be persuaded by the heads of state should be brought to justice.

It is very important to determine what differences there are with one’s neighboring countries. Usually, border problems are commonly observed in many states. It is better to solve this problem through discussion. In the end, the decision can be made by determining the amount of gain or loss for the state. For example, the amount of money that India has spent so far on the Kashmir issue and the number of lives lost because of it, it does not seem as though India has benefitted from it. In November 1948, Indian Prime Minister Nehru proposed a referendum about the Kashmir issue and sought the UN’s intervention – a decision that was correct. However, instead of honoring this decision, the journey began with a military operation. They do not know how far they will have to pay for it. These decisions can be made at the individual level based on ego, but that cannot be the decision of any state. Because an educated, conscientious mind cannot make such a decision. Think about it – how much money could India, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh save by eliminating border inequality and conflict, how many lives have we lost in the last 72 years, thousands of hours spent in Parliament, how many wars have been fought? How much could the quality of life of the masses be improved with that money? The authorities did not have to bear part of this loss, the citizens did.

We all know the history and important events of the world. Tell me, how many such border crossings have taken place in Europe in the last 72 years? Aren’t European countries living in good relations with their neighbors? Hasn’t Britain recently given the Irish a chance to secede through a referendum? Then why can’t we? It is a matter of complete mind-set and foresight. The history of war and welfare must be properly calculated on the basis of logic moving forward from now onwards. Wasn’t the opportunity given? Then why can’t we? It is a matter of complete mindset and foresight. The history of war and welfare must be calculated on the basis of proper reasoning, then the right decision can be taken to move the nation forward on the path of welfare, otherwise, it will not be possible to get out of poverty. It is a global conspiracy, and the state will be the one oppressed. People must reject this diseased idea. Although for personal gain some statesmen can fall into the clutches of others. Rajiv Gandhi had to fall into the clutches of Sweden’s Before Company. Whatever happens, the main request is –  for the construction of a healthy and beautiful state, we all need a new thought process to deeply think about things. 

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus began in China’s Wuhan province, and the United States blamed China for a leak in their bioweapon factory. The lives of people, goods, and economies have been threatened globally. We have to be vigilant against this ugly competition to build weapons. It is against the beautiful lifestyle and welfare of mankind. All of it is a sick thought-process meant to destroy humanity, which we must all come forward to stop.

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