Healforce EB-03 Electrosurgical Diathermy

Healforce EB-03 Electrosurgical Diathermy

Cutting mode : Pure:  350\150W \500 Load\1800V\1200\1.5 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode : Blend1:300\120 W \500 Load\ 2700\2000V\1.9 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode :  Blend2: 200\80W \ 500 Load\ 2400\1700V\ 2.3 Crest Factor.
Cutting mode : Blend3:150\60W\ 500 Load\ 2900\3000V\ 3.1 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode : Point: 100\70W\ 500 Load \ 4.600\3900V\ 4.5 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode :  Soft: 100\70W\ 500 Load\ 3600\3300V\ 6.1 Crest Factor.
Coagulation mode : Standard: 50\50W \ 100 Load \ 600V\ 1.5 Crest Factor.
Accessory & Supply Connection
Finger-switch Pencil: 1
Foot-Switch Pencil: 2
Patient return electro code: 1
Footswitch: 1
AC power supply: 1
Equipotential bonding: 1
Power feature
Rate frequency: 512kHz (110\240v Ac,60\50Hz).
Isolated output: YES.
Quantitative display of contact area: YES, for ”Split” type of neutral electro code.
Contact area indicator lamp: 10 lamps (one for 10% contact), alarm beep and flicker if contact<20%.
Split\Solid neutral electrode definition: YES, ”Split” or ”Solid” indicator lamp lights up.
Adjustable alarm volume:  YES
Operational duty cycle: 10 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF.
Cooling method: Convection
Type according to EN 60601-1:  CF.
Protection class to EN 60601-1: Class 1.
Classification acc. to MDD 93\42EEC: llb.
Dimension (WxDxH): 330*450*150mm.
Weight: 7 Kg.

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Healforce EB-03 Electrosurgical Diathermy

Product Description:

Electrosurgical generator EB-03 is a flexible electrosurgical device for all forms of tissue for all surgical procedures. It has incorporated seven functions for power output, tissue reaction, and automatic solid or split return electrode recognition, allowing surgeons to perform highly accurate and secure operations.

  • Electrosurgical generator EB03 comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • It ensures that all tissue types are cut smoothly.
  • Automatic current monitoring and program memory feature of the electrosurgical generator.
  • It produces 350 watts/150 watts maximum output.
  • It has six monopolar outputs and one bipolar output.
  • The electrosurgery unit has an independent output, all of which are floating.
  • There are an optional laparoscopy and thoracoscopy adapter.

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Healforce EB-03 Electrosurgical Diathermy