worldshop  specializing in the sales of Project Machinery & Equipment. We are specializing in the sales with Government Organization in Bangladesh. We have extensive experiences in negotiation and sales. To our way of business tenure we have been successfully completed many international contracts. We generally participate in Government International Tender business on behalf of overseas Manufacturers and Enterprises.

worldshop is the best eCommerce shop in globally. We are trying to set a trustworthy & reliable online shopping trend. We are creating differences from every aspects, from production to delivery section. Through worldshop, anyone from everywhere in globally purchase quality products via online. We always try to gives a number of unique items. worldshop affords the ability to supply merchandise to the customer’s within a completely less expensive rate. End of the day, it presents purchasers with exceptional and demand able products in a reasonable charge and developing a trend to make lifestyles easier.

Fresh Vegetables

Worldshop Corporation, is a leading Bangladeshi agriculture sector that specializes in import & export along with marketing quality hybrid seeds, vegetables, potato, fruits, fish and dry foods items. Our effort has burgeoned the lives of many million farmers. The trust of our international buyers has inspired us to adopt latest and best technologies for delivering better foods. Our continuous engagement with farmers helps us to understand their current and upcoming needs. We are working with the world’s greatest companies for the development of the quality of life of farmers. We possess production farms across the globally to cater the demand of world population to address the nutritional needs of the growing world population. We consider ourselves strong enough to market the quality products because we know the diversity of territories and people’s international demand. Our international business leaders keep us on the quality of our products.

WORLDSHOP CORPORATION is an Export and Import Company in Bangladesh. Generally, we export various products around the world. We try to do business with honestly and responsibility. We do not anything without government rules and regulation.

List of our exportable products: 

  1.  Garments Products (T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, etc.).
  2.  Women’s Fashion.
  3.  Leather Products (Shoes, Bag, Belt, wallet etc.).
  4.  Jute & Handicraft Products.
  5.  Shopping Bag (Paper, Tissue & Jute).
  6.  Natural Honey of Sundarbans.
  7.  Pure Ghee of cow (Animal Fat).
  8.  Lobsters.
  9.  Shrimps and Prawns.
  10.  Sea Fish from Bay of Bengal.
  11.  Flowers (Rose, Nightshade etc).
  12.  Fruits (Citrus lemon, Guava & Mango etc).
  13.  Natural Fiber (Jute, Banana, Pineapple etc).

Leather Products

Worldshop Corporation is  the leading Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter leather products i.e leather jackets, belts, shoes, handbags, and gloves, fashion accessories, etc.


Jute Products

Worldshop Corporation is the leading Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter of Jute Bag, Jute Shopping Bag, Jute Gunny Bag, and Jute Sacking Bag. Worldshop Corporation is committed to the development of jute products and eco-friendly promotional services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future.

Dominate these Markets in High Quality :
→ Jute Bags (Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Gunny Bags, Jute Sacking Bags, etc.)
→ Jute Handicrafts (Notebook, en Holder, Memobox, Greeting cards, etc.)
→ Jute Textile and Apparel (Blazer, Jacket, Jumper, etc.)
→ Jute Furnishings (Cushion Covers, Certain, Table Runner, Floor Mats, etc.)
→ Industrial Jute Goods (Jute Yarn, Jute Felt, Jute Rope, etc.)