AED IPAD CU-SP1 Defibrillator

AED IPAD CU-SP1 Defibrillator


Functions and Features
Ambient noise detection [Auto volume adjusting]
Easy-to-use & manage Electrode (Displaying Life expectancy of Electrode)
CPR guide & Detection.

Product Exterior
Dimension: 260 x 256 x 70 mm (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: Appr. 2.4kg (Including battery pack and pads) .

Operating Mode: Semi-automated, Full-automated
Waveform: e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)
Output Energy: 150 J at 50 A load for Adults, 50 J at 50 A load for Children .

Self-Diagnostic Test
Power On Self-Test, Run-time Self-Test
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Self-Test
Battery Pack Insertion Test (done when the user inserts the battery pack into the battery pack compartment of the device).

ECG Analysis System
Fucntion: Determines the impedance of the patient and evaluates the ECG of the patient to determine whether it is shockable or non-shockable
Impedance Range: 25? ~ 175? .

 Control Devices, Indicators, Voice Instructions
Control Devices Power Button, i-Button, Shock Button, Adult/Pediatric Selection Switch
Status LCD Displays device status, battery level and pads status
CPR Detection Indicator: Lights if CPR is detected; flashes if CPR is not detected..

Disposable Battery Pack
Battery Type: 12V DC, 4.2Ah LiMnO2, Disposable
Capacity: At least 200 shocks for a new battery or 8 hours of operating time at room temperature

Operating: Temperature: 0? ~ 43? (32? ~ 109?)
Storage: Temperature: -20? ~ 60? (-4? ~ 140?).

Electrode Area : 110cm2
Cable Length: Total 120cm
Electrode Area: 50cm2
Cable Length: Total 120cm.

Data Storage and Transfer
Internal Memory Data Capacity: 5 individual treatments, up to 3 hours per treatment
IrDA:  For PC communications
SD Card External memory: Data may be copied from the internal memory to the SD Card

Standard Package
Device(1), Adult Pads(1), Disposable Battery(1), Carrying Case(1), User’s Manual(1).

Optional Accessories
Pediactric Pads(1), SD Card(1), CU-Expert software(1)

Call for order: 01401-241354 




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AED IPAD CU-SP1 Defibrillator


The IPAD CU-SP1 is an external defibrillator that is semi-automated (AED). When the IPAD CU-SP1 is linked to a patient, it automatically acquires and analyzes the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) for the existence of Ventricular Fibrillation or Ventricular Tachycardia (also known as shockable rhythms). The device automatically charges itself whenever a shockable rhythm is recognized. When you push the SHOCK button, a defibrillating shock is delivered. The IPAD CU-SP1 is simple to operate. It uses audio prompts and indications to guide you through a rescue operation. The IPAD CU-SP1 is a battery-powered tablet that is compact, light, and very portable. It’s ideal for use in public places outside of hospitals.

Additional information

Defibrillator / AED

AED IPAD CU-SP1 Defibrillator


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