Commercial Vehicle, Passenger

Commercial Vehicle, Passenger

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Automobile sales in China fell by means of nine.1 percentage yr-on-year to two.52 million devices in November of 2021, a seventh consecutive month of decline, as a global shortage of semiconductors persevered to hurt the auto area. Sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs), including battery-powered electric powered motors, plug-in petrol-electric hybrids, and hydrogen gasoline-mobile cars, surged 121% to 450,000 units.

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Chinese language vehicle income information 

Dive into each automotive emblem to see how well they did inside the Chinese automobile marketplace. We take a look at their historic performance via month and yearly for all principal manufacturers working and promoting motors in China.

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What warranty do you provide for your truck?

Each exported cargo truck is provided with 12 months or 30,000 kilometers warranty when the truck arrives at your destination port.. During the warranty time, we will provide you with free spare parts if you need to change the damaged parts the first time you contact with us. After expiration only cost price of the parts will be charged.

Why is your price a little higher than other Chinese brand trucks?

Because our Dongfeng truck adopts Cummins engine, Dena America axle, Aeolus tire and Fast gearbox. The quality of such equipment is much better than other trucks. Dongfeng truck is the first company in China that adopts Cummins engine, we even built a Dongfeng Cummins engine factory to produce the engine. Also chassis is more stronger than other brands.

What warranty do you provide for your truck?

Each exported cargo truck is provided with 12 months or 30,000 kilometers warranty when the truck arrives at your destination port.. During the warranty time, we will provide you with free spare parts if you need to change the damaged parts the first time you contact with us. After expiration only cost price of the parts will be charged.
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Nowadays, China has a comprehensive transportation network of airports, trains, highways, subways, ports, and waterways. Among these, high-speed rail lines, highways, and many new subways have perhaps improved the daily lives of local people most dramatically.

China vehicle manufacturing and income decline nine.3% and 9.1%, respectively, in November
On December 10, the China affiliation of automobile producers (CAAM) announced vehicle manufacturing and income effects for the month of November, 2021.
In November 2021, China’s macro-economic system turned into in a strong state. The dearth of energy supply had been barely mitigated, at the side of the fall in price of uncooked substances. The car enterprise turned into suffering to overcome the impact exerted with the aid of numerous factors consisting of chip deliver scarcity, outbreak of scattered COVID-19 instances, and modifications to regulations and regulations. The general situation of automobile production and income became higher than what become predicted at the beginning of the month.
In November 2021, manufacturing and sales both saved declining yr-over-year (y/y). Passenger car production and income executed month-over-month (m/m) boom. Due to factors along with the implementation of China VI emissions wellknown and the policy changes for “light trucks with a blue plate” (for example, the entire weight widespread of “a mild truck with a blue plate” has been increased, which means more freight may be transported), customers have been sitting on the fence, which resulted in a pointy y/y decline in production and sales. But, NEV (New electricity vehicle) manufacturing and income hit a record high again. From January to November, cumulative NEV manufacturing exceeded 3 million gadgets, even as its income volume have been approximately 3 million devices. Vehicle exports in November have maintained a rapid boom y/y. Chinese language-branded passenger cars persevered to increase their percentage for eight consecutive months.
Searching in advance to December, regardless of the stable automotive intake wishes, there are nonetheless uncertainties about the supply. Factors which include the chip supply scarcity, energy cuts in numerous areas on the stop of the yr, and scattered COVID-19 instances in local areas have increased the capability deliver chain risk of the automobile enterprise. In end, car production and sales in 2021 is anticipated to be barely higher compared with 2020.
Common car manufacturing in November totaled 2.585 million units, reflecting a nine.3% y/y lower, while sales totaled 2.522 million units, reflecting a nine.1% y/y lower. Cumulative production and sales volumes of the duration from January through November had been 23.172 million gadgets and 23.489 million gadgets, up by 3.5% and four.Five% y/y, respectively.
In November, passenger vehicle production and income reached 2.231 million gadgets and a pair of.192 million devices, representing a four.3% and four.7% y/y lower, respectively. Passenger vehicle production for the January to November duration totaled 18.879 million gadgets, up by using 6.9% y/y, while income were 19.060 million gadgets, up by using 7.1% y/y.
Among industrial cars, production in November totaled 353,000 gadgets, reflecting a 31.9% y/y lower. Industrial vehicle income had been 330,000 devices, reflecting a 30.3% y/y decrease. The duration from January via November has recorded a complete of 4.293 million units and four.429 million devices for industrial vehicle manufacturing and sales volumes, respectively, reflecting a y/y lower of nine.1% and five.Three%.
In November, NEV production reached 457,000 gadgets, reflecting a a hundred thirty% y/y increase, while income reached 450,000 devices, reflecting a one hundred twenty% y/y boom. Among NEVs, BEV (battery electric powered automobile) production was 372,000 devices, reflecting a 120% y/y boom, whilst sales had been 361,000 gadgets, reflecting a 110% y/y increase. PHV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) manufacturing turned into 85,000 devices, reflecting a one hundred sixty% y/y increase, whilst income had been 89,000 units, reflecting a a hundred and seventy% y/y boom. FCV (fuel cellular car) production and income had been 212 units and 147 gadgets respectively, down by way of 26.4% and forty nine.3% y/y respectively.
For the length from January to November, NEV production and sales volumes had been three.023 million units and 2.99 million gadgets, each reflecting a 170% y/y growth. Among NEVs, BEV production and sales reached 2.504 million gadgets and a pair of.466 million devices, up by using a hundred and eighty% and one hundred seventy% y/y. PHV manufacturing and sales were 517,000 units and 522,000 units, up via 130% and a hundred and forty% y/y. FCV production and sales each reached 1,000 units, up via 23.Zero% and 16.Zero% y/y, respectively.
Usual vehicle exports in November reached two hundred,000 devices, reflecting a fifty nine.1% y/y growth. Passenger automobile exports totaled a hundred and seventy,000 units, reflecting a seventy one.2% y/y boom, whilst business car exports totaled 30,000 gadgets, reflecting a thirteen.0% y/y growth. General exports of the January to November length had been 1.793 million devices, reflecting a one hundred ten% y/y growth. Cumulative passenger vehicle exports were 1.427 million gadgets, up by using a hundred and twenty% y/y, whilst cumulative industrial automobile exports have been 366,000 gadgets, up via 77.0% y/y.

Top 10 Best-Selling Car Brands in China in 2020

  • #1. Volkswagen (2,675,384 units sold)
  • #2. Honda (1,603,590 units sold)
  • #3. Toyota (1,540,500 units sold)
  • #4. Nissan (1,133,211 units sold)
  • #5. Geely (1,064,007 units sold)
  • #6. Buick (885,206 units sold)
  • #7. Changan (784,801 units sold)
  • #8. Haval (701,605 units sold)



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